New 12x 12 Wall Tile
New Wall Paint
New Bathtub
New Sink
New Floor Tile
New Baseboard
New Toilet
New Faucet
Custom Tile Countertop
Package Includes Labor & Materials
Material List
-New Bathtub
-New Wall Tiles
-New Floor Tiles
-New Sink(s)
-New Faucet(s)
-New Baseboard
-New Toilet
-New Shower Fixtures
-New Wall Paint
-New Custon Tile Countertop
-New Drywall/Hardibacker
-Complete Shower Area Demo
-Old Tub Removal
-Old Plumbing Removal
-Old Floor Tile Removal
-Installation of Drywall/Hardi Backer
-Installation of 12 x 12  Wall Tile
-Installation of Floor Tile 12 x 12 or Larger
-Painting Of Walls
-Custom Built Countertop
-Installation of Sink(s)
-Installation of Faucets(s)
-Installation of New Bathtub and Plumbing
-Installation of  Shower  
-Trash Removal
Promotional Offers May Expire At Anytime